Our versatile, portable Baby Lounger provides your little one with the perfect space to relax, play or practice tummy-time in a supervised environment while parents can also enjoy some hands-free time.  

Please follow the below safety guidelines when using the Baby Lounger:

  • Direct supervision is required at all times. Never leave your baby unattended in the baby lounger
  • Do not use your baby lounger for sleep, including supervised sleep. The lounger is designed for use during awake, supervised time only
  • Do not use in a cot/bassinet or for co-sleeping
  • Always ensure the baby lounger is placed on a stable, flat and even surface to use, and do not tilt the lounger
  • Do not place baby's head on an incline on the raised area which can narrow their airways and restrict breathing (slow suffocation).  Ensure baby's head/body lays flat in the lounger.
  • Do not carry bub in the baby lounger, always remove your baby before carrying from room to room
  • Keep the baby lounger away from open flames
  • Avoid placing pillows, toys and loose objects in the baby lounger
  • When using a baby lounger cover, ensure the cover is securely attached and flattened prior to placing bub inside.

For further important safe sleeping advice, refer to Red Nose: